About Adventure Rome N` Around

Adventure Rome `N Around is Northwest Georgia`s newest and most unique adventure specialist. If you live in Rome and are looking for a new family outing or visiting the area and want to see the sites via trail, river, or pathway---call Adventure Rome `N Around. With 100`s of miles of incredible off-road trails and scenic waterways in and around Rome, the choices are abundant---canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, birding, fishing, caving, and much more-we`ll outfit you and get you there.

Adventure Rome `N Around is conveniently located in the heart of historic Downtown Rome, GA. Rome is the hub of a 3500 square mile corridor in Northwest GA known as "Adventure Alley"---a playground for every level of hiker, biker, paddler, and outdoor enthusiast. Adventure Rome `N Around provides boat and bike sales/rentals, shuttle service, expert guides, maps, and all the gear you need for the destination and adventure of your choosing. 

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